Since the launch of our new website at Dollvie, AP has refreshed all eye series to v2!

Here are 3 new changes to expect!

AP v2 Eyes

1) Iris upsize
Iris are now larger to match the sizing of mainstream acrylic eyes!

Size: 24mm 
Iris v1: 12mm v2: 13mm

Iris v1: 11mm v2: 12mm

Iris v1: 10mm v2: 11mm

Returning customers are advised to purchase one size down if you wish to match v1 sizing.(e.g v1 24mm is now v2 22mm)


2) New eye base with size markings!
Do you always lose track of your eyes' sizes after removing it from its case?

We heard your feedback! Now AP eyes will come with size marking on the underside so you'll never need to guess the size of our eyes!


3)Downsized base for 24mm
Had trouble fitting your v1 24mm because it is too large?

Fans of 24mm will rejoice to know that with our smaller eye base, the eyes no longer collide when fitting it in your girls head! This means your girls will also have more adjustment play area within the head for more expressive eye poses!