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Arietta Project Resin Eyes are made with imported resin which has higher clarity over traditional acrylic animatic eyes. 

We produce all eyes from special molds to reduce the excess clear resin rim around the iris. The cleaner iris edge will reveal a brighter eye white and a more contrasting colouring of the pupil! 

Our high quality eyes are 100% resin. Please keep them out of direct sunlight. 

Please note that all eyes are hand casted and may show little imperfections under scrutiny. We ensure that all eyes purchased as pair will match in quality. 

Minor flaws found outside the area of the eye socket will not be considered a defect. 

Colours may vary based on your monitor settings. 

No watermarks on actual product.

All custom made orders will be shipped within 2 weeks of payment. 

Check out our gallery for more samples of AP's quality eyes.